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Gel Insoles – What are they?

Gel insoles are shoe inserts designed to increase comfort while providing critical support for lower back, legs and feet. A properly fitted gel insole reduces the physical impact of body weight during walking and running, improving the alignment of bones and tendons by supporting the arch. Although many shoes come with built in supports, these can lose their integrity over time allowing the foot to adopt irregular biomechanics, causing pain and trauma to the vulnerable tissues, ligaments and bones encased within shoes.

Gel Insoles – What are the advantages?

Gel insoles are much more stable than previous foam inserts, remaining in place and providing greater shock absorption. Gel provides both cushioning and springboard effects while protecting delicate structures in the foot and providing greater energy throughout the day. The viscous nature of gel protects bunions and tender "balls of feet" from the tremendous forces of walking, standing and running.

Gel Insoles – Who benefits?

Gel insoles are greatly beneficial to those who stand or walk for long periods, such as policeman and factory workers. By inserting a gel insole, the foot and arch are provided added support maintaining bones in alignment while absorbing the powerful forces of walking or running. Insoles are also widely used by athletes who rigorously perform a wide range of activities that cause increased foot impact and movements.

Gel Insoles – What types of shoes support insoles?

Gel insoles include a number of specific designs.

  • Work insoles help hardworking men and women support their feet during long periods of work, often on hard floors. These insoles support arches in both work boots and sneakers.
  • Sports insoles for athletes provide support and cushioning during the rigors of performing athletic maneuvers. Gel insoles relieve stress on lower joints and provide improved lateral stability. These insoles are ideal for running and athletic shoes.
  • High-heeled shoe insoles, designed for the fashionable woman who desires necessary bone and ligament support while wearing high-heeled shoes.
  • Open shoe insoles for wear with open toed shoes


Gel Insoles – What conditions are relieved by insoles?

Gel insoles relieve and minimize specific ailments including:

  • Arch pain, common in flat feet and fallen arches
  • Flat feet leading to irritation of plantar fascia
  • Bunions (enlargement and bony protrusion of the big toe joint)
  • Heel pain
  • Swelling in legs and feet
  • "Ball of foot pain" leading to swelling and pain in the ball of the foot

The foot consists of 26 bones and 20 muscles, all held in precise biological precision by a web of ligaments and tendons. The entire structure supports the vast height of the body on a small ratio of area containing within the moving foot. Feet can be pulled upward (dorsiflexion), they can be pointed downward (plantar flexion), can be abducted (toes turned out) and adducted (toes turned in). The foot is a versatile, highly stable structure, subject to large forces of pressure, shock and movement throughout the day. Gel insoles cradle, support and align the biomechanical forces contained within our shoes.

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