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How to Buy a Pair of Insolesective and for Comfort

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      Have your shoe size in mind when shopping for insoles. Many insoles will come in sizes like small, medium, large and extra-large, so you should make sure that the insole fits your shoe well before buying instead of picking out a size that "seems" right.

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      Choose an insole made specifically for your sporticon1.png or job. Truelong make premium insoles for a wide variety of individual sports and activities. These will tend to be more expensive than insoles you can find in a supermarket or department store, but they're worth paying the extra money for if you need the support.

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      Buy an insole that matches your biomechanical needs. If you're a runner who overpronates, look for an insole with a supportive arch that offers motion control. On the other hand, if you're already using a shoe that controls your pronation or have a balanced gait, using a motion control insole might overdo it. In this case, consider scaling it back to one that only provides cushioning.

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      Look for insoles that offer a customized fit if you have feet that are hard to please. For example, the Montrail Enduro sole can be heated up in your oven and then molded to the exact shape of your foot. These insoles are great if you need extra cushioning in your shoes but can't seem to find a pair whose fit you can tolerate.

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      Try your insoles in the store before you buy them. Make sure that any pair you're considering is comfortableicon1.png and supportive before you make the purchase.

Tips & Warnings

    Before you put your new insoles into your shoes, trace the outline of your old insoles onto them with a marker or pen. After you've done this, cut the excess material off of the insole so that it perfectly fits your shoe.


    Don't expect an uncomfortable pair of insoles to break-in down the road and suddenly feel like little slices of heaven under your feet. More than likely this won't happen.


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